[oXygen-user] oXygen on XP and XInclude subdirectories in DocBook

Eliot Kimber
Mon May 11 09:15:24 CDT 2009

On 5/11/09 9:05 AM, "Karen Schneider" <> wrote:

> where all hrefs are in the same subdirectory it's easy to see how to
> do this. I'm trying to clarify how to make this happen in Docbook
> using oXygen (and -- where this becomes an oXygen question -- get them
> to validate). In the xi:include statements, do I use a pattern of
> file:///directory/filename.xml ...?

You should be using relative paths as long as all the files are reliably
relative to each other, even if not in the same directory.

If you're managing the source in something like SVN then you should be able
to ensure that the files as authored on any machine are always in the right
relative place.

Given that, then your URLs for the XIncludes can be:


With no need for either "file://" or a leading "/" (which makes the URL

The operating system shouldn't matter as long as you use URL syntax (and not
Windows filename syntax) and avoid spaces or other "might need escaping"
characters in your URLs.



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