[oXygen-user] Success with Scenario, failure in bat file

Sorin Ristache
Tue May 5 02:32:46 CDT 2009


fop.bat adds Xalan to the classpath which is an XSLT 1.0 transformer. 
You have to edit fop.bat and replace Xalan with Saxon 9. For example you 
can copy saxon9.jar from the Saxon 9 distribution from Saxonica to 
[FOP-install-folder]/lib or you can copy saxon9sa.jar from 
[Oxygen-install-folder]/lib to [FOP-install-folder]/lib. Replace in 
fop.bat the line


with the line:


If you use saxon9sa.jar without a license for Saxon SA (schema aware) 
the transformer of saxon9sa.jar will display a warning and run in basic 
mode (Saxon B, like saxon9.jar) but it runs your XSLT 2.0 transformation 
without problems if the transformation is not schema aware. If your XSLT 
2.0 transformation is schema aware you need a license for Saxon SA from 
Saxonica for using it from command line.


Mark Wilson wrote:
> I get proper output when running the XML and XSLT-FO style sheet as an 
> Oxygen 10.1 Scenario. However, it fails when run as a batch file with the 
> complaint:
> SystemId Unknown; Line #206; Column #78; Could not find function: 
> current-group
> I am assuming that the Scenario's built-in FOP deals with my XSLT Version 2 
> style sheet and the bat file calls my local copy of FOP and does not. I am 
> unsure as how to proceed. Is there a new FOP that handles XSLT-Version 2? If 
> so, what should my bat file look like? Or, is there a way for my bat file to 
> call the built-in FOP?
> My bat file:
> fop -d -c fopConfiguration.xml -xml work\21Grouped.xml -xsl 
> XSLT\22HeadingPdf.xsl  -pdf work\headings.pdf
> I would send you the Scenario, but I do not know how to print it. The 
> Scenario specifies the built-in FOP.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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