[oXygen-user] Success with Scenario, failure in bat file

Mark Wilson
Mon May 4 13:51:10 CDT 2009

I get proper output when running the XML and XSLT-FO style sheet as an 
Oxygen 10.1 Scenario. However, it fails when run as a batch file with the 
SystemId Unknown; Line #206; Column #78; Could not find function: 

I am assuming that the Scenario's built-in FOP deals with my XSLT Version 2 
style sheet and the bat file calls my local copy of FOP and does not. I am 
unsure as how to proceed. Is there a new FOP that handles XSLT-Version 2? If 
so, what should my bat file look like? Or, is there a way for my bat file to 
call the built-in FOP?

My bat file:
fop -d -c fopConfiguration.xml -xml work\21Grouped.xml -xsl 
XSLT\22HeadingPdf.xsl  -pdf work\headings.pdf

I would send you the Scenario, but I do not know how to print it. The 
Scenario specifies the built-in FOP.


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