[oXygen-user] Question again regarding XQuery

Sorin Ristache
Fri Mar 27 09:48:42 CDT 2009


You have to associate the scenario with the XQuery file, not the XML 
file, that is make the association when the currently edited file is an 
XQuery file, not an XML file. In a future version we will extend the 
scenarios associated with XML files to allow also setting an XQuery 
transformation but that will make the creation and editing of scenarios 
more complex.

Only the Saxon 9 transformer allows a standalone input XML file. The 
other built-in XQuery engines are database connections which read their 
input from a database server so the scenario is set on the XQuery file.


Thomas Zastrow wrote:
> I'm very sorry to ask again, but I was not able to execute an XQuery 
> file against an XML document ... I have 10.1 installed on Mc OS X.
> When I edit a transformation scenario, I have the options
> Saxon-B
> Saxon-SA
> Saxon6.5.5
> Xalan
> Xsltproc
> As far as I understood, I should use Saxon version 9.x transformers. I 
> use the XQuery file as "XSL URL". When I apply the scenario, I got the 
> error:
> -----------------
> SystemID: /Users/zastrow/Documents/ss09/xquery/second.xquery
> Programmname: Saxon6.5.5
> Feherlevel: error
> Beschreibung: Failed to parse stylesheet
> SystemID: /Users/zastrow/Documents/ss09/xquery/second.xquery
> Programmname: Saxon6.5.5
> Feherlevel: fatal
> Beschreibung: Content is not allowed in prolog.
> Anfang: 1:1
> ------------------
> I'm quite sure that I'm doing something wrong ..?
> Best,
> Tom

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