[oXygen-user] Sharing project file on Win XP and Mac OS X

Sorin Ristache
Tue Mar 17 09:54:53 CDT 2009

Hello Florent,

When the transformation scenarios are stored at project level the name 
of the file from the association [transformed file - scenario] is saved 
with a relative path. If the file is not located in the folder of the 
project file or a subfolder of that folder then the path saved in the 
association will be something like ../../other_folder/file.xml. Please 
make sure that this relative path exists also on the other machine (the 
Windows machine in your case) when it is resolved relative to the 
location of the project file.

Other problem could be that the project was already opened in Oxygen on 
the other machine (the Windows machine) when you updated the project 
file from the SVN repository. The project should be refreshed 
automatically in the Project view when it is changed on disk by other 
application (the SVN client in your case) and we will fix that in a 
future version. If this happens in your case please reopen the project 
file that was updated from SVN by going to menu Project -> Reopen 
Project as a workaround until we fix the problem.


Florent Georges wrote:
>   Hi,
>   I am using oXygen on several platforms for now, mainly on a Mac
> OS X laptop and a Windows XP desktop.  The project I am working on
> is on a Subversion repository, where I put the oXygen XPR project
> file.
>   It seems oXygen behaves differently on Mac OS X and Windows XP,
> regarding using a relative name for files to associate them to a
> scenario.  When I associate a scenario to a file on Mac OS X, the
> name of the file is recorded (in the XPR file) as relative to the
> project directory.  When I update my project and open it on
> Windows, then click on the "Apply Transformation Scenario" action,
> oXygen does ask me for a scenario, and create a new association in
> the XPR file between the scenario and this file (using an absolute
> URI of the form file:/C:/path/to/file.xml.)
>   I tried to use ${pdu} in front of the file name, but with no
> more success.  This problem is quite annoying for collaboration
> work.  Would you have a solution?  Can I provide more information?
>   Regards,

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