[oXygen-user] Sharing project file on Win XP and Mac OS X

Florent Georges
Tue Mar 17 05:44:36 CDT 2009


  I am using oXygen on several platforms for now, mainly on a Mac
OS X laptop and a Windows XP desktop.  The project I am working on
is on a Subversion repository, where I put the oXygen XPR project

  It seems oXygen behaves differently on Mac OS X and Windows XP,
regarding using a relative name for files to associate them to a
scenario.  When I associate a scenario to a file on Mac OS X, the
name of the file is recorded (in the XPR file) as relative to the
project directory.  When I update my project and open it on
Windows, then click on the "Apply Transformation Scenario" action,
oXygen does ask me for a scenario, and create a new association in
the XPR file between the scenario and this file (using an absolute
URI of the form file:/C:/path/to/file.xml.)

  I tried to use ${pdu} in front of the file name, but with no
more success.  This problem is quite annoying for collaboration
work.  Would you have a solution?  Can I provide more information?


Florent Georges


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