[oXygen-user] 10.1 takes a step backward?

Sorin Ristache
Mon Mar 9 04:52:55 CDT 2009


Adding shortcuts for buttons is scheduled for version 10.3.


Lars Huttar wrote:
> There are a number of dialogs that do not have keyboard shortcuts. The
> one that bugs me most often is the Find/Replace dialog. I'm sure Syd has
> run into that. Yes, you can do what you need to by tabbing around, but
> if there were keyboard shortcuts for each control, you could get things
> done much more quickly and reliably. A query replace (going through a
> document with many search hits and replacing only some of them) is
> painfully awkward due to the lack of keyboard shortcuts on the "Find"
> and "Replace" buttons.
> There was an email on this list on 3/20/2007 saying that shortcuts would
> be added for these buttons, but it doesn't seem to have happened.

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