[oXygen-user] Create a new file on MarkLogic through WebDAV

Stefan Vasile
Fri Mar 6 02:15:06 CST 2009

Dear Florent,
>   Thanks.  Yes, and then I could open it with "Open URL".  I can live with that, even if it is a bit heavy just to create a file.  But actually, I try to create a new XQuery module, the WebDAV server is linked to the Module database.  So I guess I should then create a second XDBC server, linked also to the Modules database.  And even then, will xdmp:document-insert() work to create a new XQuery module, instead of an XML document?
There is a Database Explorer view that can help you on this matter. In 
order to be able to see the MarkLogic database content you must 
configure the "WebDAV URL" field from Connection dialog (see 
http://www.oxygenxml.com/MarkLogic_support.html) .You can then right 
click on a container and use "Add resource" action to add a file (XML or 
XQuery) to your database.

Best regards,
Stefan Vasile

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