[oXygen-user] Using cref, oxygen, and transforms

George Cristian Bina
Mon Jun 15 16:33:26 CDT 2009

Sorry, forgot the other way...
You can create a DITA Map and include your topics there then follow the 
same steps to configure and run a transformation scenario from the DITA 
Maps Manager. You may find useful also the 2 DITA specific video demos 
from our documentation page

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

George Cristian Bina wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> oXygen provides simple transformation scenarios to covert a topic 
> directly to PDF or HTML through a stylesheet. It also provides 
> transformation scenarios that wrap the DITA Open toolkit and those are 
> the ones you should use to get the conrefs resolved. They are available 
> from the DITA Maps Manager view.
> One way to get that working is to
> * make visible the DITA Maps Manager from Perspective ->Show View ->DITA 
> Maps Manager
> * Use the open action from the DITA Maps Manager and open your topic 
> file (for instance I named that test.xml)
> * Use the Configure Transformation Scenario action from the DITA Maps 
> Manager to start the scenario configuration dialog and then use the New 
> button to create a new scenario. You will get a list of possible 
> scenarios including XHTML and PDF - IDIOM FO Plugin, select the one you 
> want, Ok everything.
> * Use the Apply transformation scenario action from the DITA Maps 
> Manager to get your output - you should be able to see in the results 
> area in oXygen also the output of the DITA OT preceded by the command 
> line used by oXygen to invoke the DITA OT.
> Best Regards,
> George

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