[oXygen-user] parameters, catalogs, docbook, etc

Robert Nagle
Mon Jun 15 15:05:10 CDT 2009

First, Sorin,

Good to hear that you are considering an epub transformation for a
future release.  I'll be sure to make an announcement at
www.teleread.org when that happens.  There is a dearth of good tools
to produce .epub files from source.

So here is my understanding based on what you said:  When the files
are in a project, the xpr project file is an xml file containing the
customizations specific to your project. That includes names of files,
and the specifics of any customized transformation which you have
added for the specific project. So you could find your customizations

so docbook5.framework stores all the scenarios which will show up for
the docbook5 global scenarios list?

My main concerns here are
1)being able to find the xslt customizations after I make them (in the
event that i need to run them via command line or use  another
2)being able to use the same  xslt customizations for a second project
if I create another docbook project and
3))not accidentally deleting or altering the default transforms.

I guess the general  solution is to use projects as much as possible.

I'm looking here http://www.oxygenxml.com/doc/ug-oxygen/preferences-sharing.html

I'm not quite sure what you are doing when you go to Configure
Transformation Scenario and switch from GLOBAL SCENARIOS to PROJECT
SCENARIOS and vice versa. Regardless of whether I select GLOBAL or
PROJECT, they both show the same scenarios (the read-only scenarios
indicated by a key icon and a customized scenario I have created
myself). Is this normal?

(My guess: I originally created them with GLOBAL SCENARIOS checked,
and so that means they appear in the PROJECT SCENARIOS tab as well.
But the rev).

If I try to delete a custom scenario from either Project Scenarios or
Global Scenarios and press ok, I see that the scenario i have tried to
delete has not been deleted. What do I need to do to accomplish this?

Reading through the archives, I see that you are trying to rework  the
UI for the transformations dialog. That would probably be a good
thing. The thing that confuses me is why the same scenarios appear
when you have PROJECT SCENARIOS checked as when would have GLOBAL


> Hello,
> If you store the scenarios at global level (the default setting) they
> are stored in the user preferences in a subfolder of the user home
> folder. If you want to share the scenario with other users you should
> store it at project level or at document type level.
> If you work on a common project that you load in the Project view and
> you share with other users you can store the transformation scenarios at
> project level with the radio button Project Scenarios in the dialog
> Configure Transformation Scenario that is opened by the action with the
> same name on the toolbar Transformation and on the menu Document ->
> Transformation. In this case you share the .xpr project file with other
> users.
> You have a DocBook XML document so it matches one of the two predefined
> DocBook document types (DocBook 4 and DocBook 5). If you store the
> scenario at document type level it is saved in the .framework file of
> that document type so you have to share the .framework file with other
> users, that is frameworks/docbook/docbook4.framework or
> frameworks/docbook/docbook5.framework.
> The epub transformation needs a zip application and a Ruby runtime so
> the Oxygen installer should include them which means a bigger installer
> file. We will consider a default epub transformation for a future version.
> Regards,
Robert Nagle
12777 Ashford Point Dr #1417
Houston, Texas 77082
713 893 3424

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