[oXygen-user] parameters, catalogs, docbook, etc

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jun 15 04:24:32 CDT 2009


If you store the scenarios at global level (the default setting) they 
are stored in the user preferences in a subfolder of the user home 
folder. If you want to share the scenario with other users you should 
store it at project level or at document type level.

If you work on a common project that you load in the Project view and 
you share with other users you can store the transformation scenarios at 
project level with the radio button Project Scenarios in the dialog 
Configure Transformation Scenario that is opened by the action with the 
same name on the toolbar Transformation and on the menu Document -> 
Transformation. In this case you share the .xpr project file with other 

You have a DocBook XML document so it matches one of the two predefined 
DocBook document types (DocBook 4 and DocBook 5). If you store the 
scenario at document type level it is saved in the .framework file of 
that document type so you have to share the .framework file with other 
users, that is frameworks/docbook/docbook4.framework or 

The epub transformation needs a zip application and a Ruby runtime so 
the Oxygen installer should include them which means a bigger installer 
file. We will consider a default epub transformation for a future version.


Robert Nagle wrote:
> Hi, I'm a relative xml newbie, and I'm trying to use docbook to
> generate .epub archives (docbook 1.7.4 has a xsl transform for that).
> I find I am lost in a lot of things having to do with the basic
> environment/customization.
> When you configure a transformation, you can edit the parameters by
> clicking parameters. I understand what is going on here.
> But I can't understand where the customizations you are making to
> parameters are written down. Suppose I bring my docbook files to a new
> computer without Oxygen and I must use the same customizations.Where
> does Oxygen store these values--in a text file  somewhere?
> When you configure a custom transformation, where is the configuration
> information stored after you are done? Is there a path for project
> customizations as opposed to global customizations?
> Speaking of good transforms, it would be nice to setup a transform to
> epub format for docbook files (especially since the xsl file is
> basically done).
> Thanks.
> rj

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