[oXygen-user] parameters, catalogs, docbook, etc

Robert Nagle
Sat Jun 13 02:26:09 CDT 2009

Hi, I'm a relative xml newbie, and I'm trying to use docbook to
generate .epub archives (docbook 1.7.4 has a xsl transform for that).

I find I am lost in a lot of things having to do with the basic

When you configure a transformation, you can edit the parameters by
clicking parameters. I understand what is going on here.

But I can't understand where the customizations you are making to
parameters are written down. Suppose I bring my docbook files to a new
computer without Oxygen and I must use the same customizations.Where
does Oxygen store these values--in a text file  somewhere?

When you configure a custom transformation, where is the configuration
information stored after you are done? Is there a path for project
customizations as opposed to global customizations?

Speaking of good transforms, it would be nice to setup a transform to
epub format for docbook files (especially since the xsl file is
basically done).



Robert Nagle
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