[oXygen-user] New Author Insert Behavior? New Sibling of Current Element

Eliot Kimber
Sat Jul 11 06:53:14 CDT 2009

I'm doing authoring of a definition list. To create a new dlentry it's most
effective to move outside the current dlentry and then hit enter to get "new
dlentry", rather just move outside the dd (where I am when I'm done in the
current dlentry) and do "split dlentry", because split doesn't cause the
required subelements dt and dd to be created.

It occurs to me it might be useful to add a new option, "new sibling
{tagname}" in addition "split {tagname}".

Alternatively, have "split" behave like "new" such that it inserted required
subelements in the newly-created element if the split occurs at the end of
the split element (meaning that the split is identical to a "new" action).


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