[oXygen-user] Catalog URI Resolver for XSLT Include/Import in Editor?

Sorin Ristache
Tue Jul 7 02:52:56 CDT 2009


Oxygen creates a URI resolver from the XML catalogs added in Preferences 
-> XML -> XML Catalog and sets the resolver to the processors Saxon, 
Xalan, xsltproc. OASIS 1.1 catalogs are supported. The URIs used in 
xsl:include and xsl:import are resolved with uri entries of the catalogs.

You can find in the User Manual that XML catalogs are used for mapping 
the system ID, the public ID or the URI of a resource:




Eliot Kimber wrote:
> I'm finding myself in the situation where I want to edit style sheets that
> will, ultimately, use custom URIs to point to resources. For editing on the
> file system it would be easiest if I could use an XML catalog to map my
> private URIs to the files on my file system so the same reference will work
> as developed and as deployed.
> Is that possible today? I didn't see anything likely in the help or
> searching on URI resolver in the mailing list archives.
> Thanks,
> Eliot

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