[oXygen-user] "<?oxygen RNGSchema" URI on different systems

Florent Georges
Mon Jan 19 04:42:55 CST 2009

Sorin Ristache wrote:


> The values of xsl:import/@href and xsl:include/@href are URI
> references and are resolved by uri entries of XML catalogs: uri,
> rewriteURI, delegateURI.  Did you use uri entries or system
> entries in your XML catalog file?  If it does not work with uri
> entries please send some sample files for reproducing the error.

  Well, I am writing a DocBook driver stylesheet.  So it contains
the following import instruction:


  The catalog in the DocBook framework contains the following


  So if I am right that's correct, isn't it?

> The URI resolver class set in "Saxon / Advanced / URI Resolver /
> URI Resolver class name (-r)" must implement
> javax.xml.transform.URIResolver.

  Yep.  Apache's CatalogResolver does.

> If you want to set the Apache CatalogResolver as URI resolver you
> should make sure that your catalog file is accessible from
> xml.catalog.files which in your case means that
> Oxygen10/frameworks/catalog.xml includes/delegates to your
> catalog.

  Yep, that's the case.

> The resolver set in "Saxon / Advanced / URI Resolver / URI
> Resolver class name (-r)" is called before Oxygen's catalog
> resolver.

> But I think you should just add your XML catalog containing a uri
> entry to "Preferences / XML / XML Catalog" because Oxygen already
> has a catalog resolver which checks all catalogs added to
> "Preferences / XML / XML Catalog".

  Mmh, I stopped oXygen and restarted it.  And now it does use the
catalogs to resolve the stylesheet URI.  Maybe I've just hit a
corner case somewhere...

  Thanks for the answer, and sorry for the noise (again.)  Regards,

Florent Georges


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