[oXygen-user] "<?oxygen RNGSchema" URI on different systems

Sorin Ristache
Mon Jan 19 04:19:44 CST 2009


The values of xsl:import/@href and xsl:include/@href are URI references 
and are resolved by uri entries of XML catalogs: uri, rewriteURI, 
delegateURI. Did you use uri entries or system entries in your XML 
catalog file? If it does not work with uri entries please send some 
sample files for reproducing the error.

The URI resolver class set in "Saxon / Advanced / URI Resolver / URI 
Resolver class name (-r)" must implement 
javax.xml.transform.URIResolver. If you want to set the Apache 
CatalogResolver as URI resolver you should make sure that your catalog 
file is accessible from xml.catalog.files which in your case means that 
Oxygen10/frameworks/catalog.xml includes/delegates to your catalog. The 
resolver set in "Saxon / Advanced / URI Resolver / URI Resolver class 
name (-r)" is called before Oxygen's catalog resolver. But I think you 
should just add your XML catalog containing a uri entry to "Preferences 
/ XML / XML Catalog" because Oxygen already has a catalog resolver which 
checks all catalogs added to "Preferences / XML / XML Catalog".


Florent Georges wrote:
>   Unfortunately, it seems that catalogs are not taken into account
> to resolve stylesheet URIs (xsl:import and xsl:include's href.)
> And quite weird is that even by setting "Saxon / Advanced / URI
> Resolver" to org.apache.xml.resolver.tools.CatalogResolver (with
> the correct JAR in com.oxygenxml.additional.classpath) as well as
> xml.catalog.files to d:/apps/oxygen-xml-10/frameworks/catalog.xml
> (or file:///d:/..., it does not work neither,) the stylesheet
> modules are still resolevd from the absolute location (without
> using catalogs.)
>   Any idea what's going wrong?
>   Don't you think stylesheet module URIs should be resolved against
> catalogs used in oXygen?

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