[oXygen-user] Subversion Malformed Network Data error

Daniel Paul O'Donnell
Mon Jan 12 16:41:42 CST 2009

Hi we're getting a malformed network data error. I looked at the earlier
discussion of this, but the solution didn't really seem relevant... we
aren't getting it from some clients and we are from others, and
everything used to work.

The problem client is on a MacBook. We're using Oxygen 9.2 and the
Oxygen SVN client version 3.1. Our server is svn version 1.5.1.

The .bashrc advice (i.e. make sure that .bashrc isn't producing text
output on activity) doesn't seem relevant for two reasons: we are doing
a straight svn: and we aren't going to a home directory or using a
client that has a home directory on the server.

Does anybody know what the issue might be? I saw that eclipse had some
trouble with the same error with earlier versions of svn; but we're not
using eclipse and the problem is not found on all clients.

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