[oXygen-user] HttpUrlConnection and HTTP method in a Saxon extension

Dan Caprioara
Thu Jan 8 02:12:33 CST 2009


You can send the samples to the oXygen support address, or by using the 
technical support form:


Best regards,

Florent Georges wrote:
>   Dan,
>   Thanks for this detailed sample.  I enabled the log categories as in
> your email, and I can see my request is indeed a GET.  I tried your
> sample and I get a POST with it.  So it seems the problem is in my
> code.
>   BTW, if I use getRequestMethod() on the connection in your example
> (after the setRequestMethod call), I get GET, but from the logs POST
> seems to be used instead.
>   I was not able to create a simple example, but I can package a little
> subset of the relevant sources if I can send them privately.
>   Regards,

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