[oXygen-user] DITA-OT Tranformation Scenarios on DITA modules

Radu Coravu
Tue Apr 7 08:16:39 CDT 2009

Hi Jan,

We already have this logged in but unfortunately we did not have enough
time to discuss a solution in time for Oxygen 10.2

But, if the "DITA Maps Manager" view is opened you can basically use the
"Open" button from its internal toolbar to open a topic or a task
instead of a map.
The opened task will not be rendered in any way but you will be able to
perform your usual DITA ANT transformations on it.
The only drawback is that there seem to be problems with Oxygen not
opening the output file at the end of the transformation but the
transformation should work correctly.
I will try to fix the problem with correctly opening the output file if
the transformed file is a task/topic in time for Oxygen 10.2 (couple of


Radu Coravu <oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

Jan Nylund wrote:
> Hello!
> We have multiple customized DITA-OT packages that are configured for  
> usage in different environments. I need to be able to run these from  
> within oXygen to debug / develop the stylesheets. Currently I simply  
> create transformation scenarios running all the xsl transformations,  
> but the preferred way would be to run the full DITA-OT.
> As I understand it, today I can only do this from within the Dita Maps  
> Manager, which doesn't allow me to use it on DITA topics.
> I would like the DITA-OT transformation Scenarios to be available from  
> the regular transformation scenario menu, an also I need to be able to  
> fully override the calls starting DITA-OT (probably possible already?).
> Br,
> Jan
> --
> Jan Nylund
> Senior System Designer
> Citec Information Oy Ab

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