[oXygen-user] oXygen Author: Restrict from creating non-valid content?

Wendell Piez
Mon Sep 29 15:50:19 CDT 2008

At 07:51 AM 9/29/2008, you wrote:
>Dear Jan,
>No, that is not possible.
>We registered however your request together with other similar 
>requirements for the oXygen XML Author and we will consider adding 
>them in a future release as advanced options that a developer can 
>use to customize the oXygen XML Author for writers.

Having it as a lock/unlock option would be especially nice. (Similar 
to how you can now lock to allow modifying content only).


>Jan Nylund wrote:
>>Is it possible to restrict the Author view in oxygen from creating 
>>non-valid content? Meaning, it would only allow insertion of the 
>>elements shown in the drop down list, etc to avoid writers not 
>>familiar with the DTD to still provide content without errors?
>>(Yes, I know it warns for errors, but restricting use is better 
>>than warning when something has already gone wrong)
>>-- Jan Nylund
>>Senior System Designer
>>Citec Information Oy Ab

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