[oXygen-user] Bidi limit

Sorin Ristache
Fri Sep 12 03:10:28 CDT 2008

Thank you for the details. If editing worked as expected with the only 
problem of moderately high CPU usage I think we can offer the option of 
removing the limit for the maximum file size in case of BIDI documents. 
We will look at the implications of the reported stack trace.


Firmicus wrote:
> There is no problem with the memory, but the CPU usage was very high 
> when the file was being loaded, and moderately high during editing. 
> Also, it took very long to load the file (ca. 2:30 minutes). The first 
> time there was no error message, but when I closed the file and opened 
> it again, I got the following error message at the end (even though 
> everything seemed to be displayed correctly and editing worked as 
> expected thereafter):
> [ class ro.sync.exml.I$_A ] - java.lang.NullPointerException
> java.lang.NullPointerException
> at javax.swing.text.FlowView$FlowStrategy.layoutRow(FlowView.java:538)
> at 
> javax.swing.text.TextLayoutStrategy.layoutRow(TextLayoutStrategy.java:109)
> at javax.swing.text.FlowView$FlowStrategy.layout(FlowView.java:452)
> at javax.swing.text.TextLayoutStrategy.layout(TextLayoutStrategy.java:92)
> at javax.swing.text.FlowView.layout(FlowView.java:184)
> at javax.swing.text.BoxView.setSize(BoxView.java:380)
> at ro.sync.I.Q$_A.setSize(Unknown Source)
> at javax.swing.text.BoxView.updateChildSizes(BoxView.java:349)
> at javax.swing.text.BoxView.setSpanOnAxis(BoxView.java:331)
> at javax.swing.text.BoxView.layout(BoxView.java:691)
> at javax.swing.text.BoxView.setSize(BoxView.java:380)
> at 
> javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTextUI$RootView.setSize(BasicTextUI.java:1701)
> at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTextUI.modelToView(BasicTextUI.java:1033)
> at javax.swing.plaf.basic.BasicTextUI.modelToView(BasicTextUI.java:1009)
> at javax.swing.text.JTextComponent.modelToView(JTextComponent.java:1400)
> at ro.sync.ui.E.A.B.D(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.E.J.B(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.E.R.D(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.E.R.B(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.E.A.A.L(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.E.A.A.M(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.A.L.G.M(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.A.L.M.M(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I.t.M(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I.t.K(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I.B.D.A(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I.VA.K(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I.VA.K(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I.VA.open(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I$_A.k(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I$_A.K(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.exml.I$_A$1.actionPerformed(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.application.A.P$_A$1.ɟ(Unknown Source)
> at ro.sync.ui.application.A.run(Unknown Source)
> Regards,
> FC

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