[oXygen-user] Bidi limit

Sorin Ristache
Wed Sep 10 08:34:47 CDT 2008


Replace your file [Oxygen9.3-install-folder]/lib/oxygen.jar with the 
following file:


Restart Oxygen 9.3, make sure the new build number displayed in the 
About dialog is 2008091016 and try to edit the large Arabic file. Do you 
experience slow performance, do you get OutOfMemory errors?


Firmicus wrote:
> I am preparing a catalogue of Arabic manuscripts for a large library. I 
> do the initial editing in small batches but later everything is merged 
> together in one file, whose size is currently approaching 1MB (i.e. 850 
> 000 UTF-8 characters). About 20% of its content is in Arabic.
> I have modified the oxygen.sh script to start Oxygen with -Xmx512m (i.e. 
> twice as much memory as the default), and on my Linux machine everything 
> is running very smoothly up to now. If you want I can do some testing 
> with large bidi documents once you have "unlocked" the BIDI limit.
> Thanks,
> François

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