[oXygen-user] Bidi limit

Wed Sep 10 08:03:48 CDT 2008

Sorin Ristache a écrit :
> Hello,
> No, the BIDI functionality cannot be turned on manually but we will 
> consider allowing the user to do that if the document size exceeds a 
> maximum limit.
That would be very convenient indeed.

> The current maximum limit is about 300,000 characters and above this 
> limit editing of BIDI documents can be very slow. How large are your 
> BIDI documents?
I am preparing a catalogue of Arabic manuscripts for a large library. I 
do the initial editing in small batches but later everything is merged 
together in one file, whose size is currently approaching 1MB (i.e. 850 
000 UTF-8 characters). About 20% of its content is in Arabic.

I have modified the oxygen.sh script to start Oxygen with -Xmx512m (i.e. 
twice as much memory as the default), and on my Linux machine everything 
is running very smoothly up to now. If you want I can do some testing 
with large bidi documents once you have "unlocked" the BIDI limit.


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