[oXygen-user] Access to saxon -explain

Sorin Ristache
Thu Sep 4 08:01:38 CDT 2008


You can set a Saxon 9 option that is not available in the Preferences 
dialog in Preferences / XML / XSLT-FO-XQuery / XSLT / Saxon / Saxon-B/SA 
only if you define Saxon 9 as an external XSLT processor from 
Preferences / XML / XSLT-FO-XQuery / Custom Engines and set the external 
processor in the transformation scenario:


The command line of the external processor should be:

java -cp lib/saxon9.jar net.sf.saxon.Transform -s:${xml} -xsl:${xsl} 
-o:${out} -explain

The output of the XSLT transformation will be saved to the output file 
set in the scenario (the ${out} variable). The output generated by the 
-explain option will be displayed in the Oxygen Warnings view.


mozer wrote:
> Dear,
> Is there a simple way to have access to the result of the -explain
> option from inside OxygenXML ?
> Regards,
> Xmlizer

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