[oXygen-user] CSS editor could persist parameter drop-down

Sorin Ristache
Wed Sep 3 04:38:07 CDT 2008

Hello Hedley,

Yes, the code completion window should not force you to enter the 
property value with no spaces after the ':' character. It looks neater 
with separating spaces between the ':' character and the property value. 
I added an issue to our internal system for ending the code completion 
only in one of the cases that you specified.


Hedley Finger wrote:
> The CSS editor when you type the : (colon) at the end of a property name 
> currently drops down a list of possible keywords or parameters.  If you 
> like neat code like me, as soon as you insert a space after the colon, 
> the drop-down disappears.  I hate cramped code, like ...
>     .aClass {
>         display:inline
>     }
> ... and prefer it like this:
>     .aClass {
>         display: inline
>     }
> Could the drop-down persist until either (a) you select an option from 
> the list, (b) start typing a non-whitespace character, e.g. beginning a 
> value, or (c) until you type the ; (semi-colon) or } (right brace) that 
> ends the line?
> Regards,
> Hedley

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