[oXygen-user] Feature Request: Collapse All/Expand All/Expand One Level in DITA Map View

Eliot Kimber
Thu May 22 14:18:26 CDT 2008

One of the really nice features of Arbortext Editor is the way you can
control the expansion in their tree viewer: expand/collapse all or expand
one level (they also implement a triple click that does the expand one

For example, given a fully-expanded map, selecting the map element and doing
"expand one level" would collapse all the children of the map so you only
see the direct child topicrefs/topicheads.

This is especially handy for very long maps. For example, I'm doing a lot of
DTD documentation where I have the reference entries grouped by letter and
there might be 150 or 200 separate entries under 20 or more groups. It can
take a while for the map to populate all the navigation titles when I first
open it, but if it was initially collapsed, it would populate the letter
groups pretty fast.

It would be really nice if this could be set as the default expansion for
opening maps. I'm not sure if it would be practical to remember the
expansion state of the map on save, probably not, but that would be handy



Eliot Kimber
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