[oXygen-user] More Java memory errors with oXygen 9.2

Eliot Kimber
Mon May 19 08:21:30 CDT 2008

On 5/18/08 8:09 AM, "Jacques Foucry" <> wrote:

> Hello,
> Using oXygen for a long time under Mac OS X, the new version (9.2)
> have more memory errors than previous version.

I can't quantify my experience but it does seem like 9.2 has more
performance issues after I've opened a few files than I remember with 9.1.
But that could as easily be because I'm using it more, or using Author mode
more, than I have before. I did set the VM to 256m for Oxygen 9.2. The last
couple of weeks I've been focused on primarily heads-down authoring of
documentation, making heavy use of the DITA features and Author mode and I
have had a couple of times where I started getting out of memory errors when
it didn't seem like I had opened that many documents (but it's hard to know
what I had really done over the course of day).

Is there a way to get better measurements or instrument Oxygen to prove or
disprove this impression?



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