[oXygen-user] More Java memory errors with oXygen 9.2

Sorin Ristache
Mon May 19 05:22:17 CDT 2008


Thank you for reporting the problem but we need some more 
details about what actions you run more often and what are 
the last actions that you run in Oxygen when you get the Out 
of Memory errors. What is the file size of the currently 
opened files when you get the error? It does not matter if 
there are many files currently opened or not, but their size 
matters. Do you run the action "Format and Indent" on a 
large XML file many times? If yes is the option "Clear undo 
buffer before Format and Indent" enabled in Preferences -> 
Editor -> Format? Do you switch many times (tens of times) 
in 3 hours of work between the Text mode and Author mode of 
a very large XML file?

Do you get the Out of Memory error with the options "Clear 
undo buffer before Format and Indent" (Preferences -> Editor 
-> Format) and "Clear undo buffer on save" (Preferences -> 
Editor -> Open/Save) enabled?


Jacques Foucry wrote:
> Hello,
> Using oXygen for a long time under Mac OS X, the new version (9.2) have 
> more memory errors than previous version.
> It look like a memory leak. Since this version I pai really attention to 
> the number of open file. But with only two open files but a lot opened 
> and closed before,
> the memory error appears about every 3 hours of work. I know that I 
> could change the memory allowed to oXygen, but the bug appears too. 
> After more work but it appears.
> Did somebody else notice this issue ?
> Best Regards,
> Jacques
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