[oXygen-user] Re: Customer XML to Schema

Sorin Ristache
Wed Apr 30 01:58:02 CDT 2008


When you associate the input XML document of the 
transformation to the XSLT stylesheet by creating a 
transformation scenario the structure of the XML document is 
learned and passed to the content completion assistant to 
support the editing of the stylesheet. The XML document does 
not have to have an associated schema. The learned structure 
of the XML document is also available in the XSLT/XQuery 
Input view. You can drag and drop XML element nodes from the 
tree of this view to insert quickly in the stylesheet XPath 
expressions that are aware of the context node of the 
editing context in the XSLT stylesheet. For examples of 
inserting such XPath expressions please see the video 
tutorial "XSL Editing" available on the Documentation page 
and the User Manual section where the XSLT/XQuery Input view 
is explained:





Karl Stubsjoen wrote:
> Hmmm, it seems it is doing it!  But why?  Does the intellisense for
> XML elements pick up automatically when the XML is open by the editor,
> or is it because I have my transformation scenario wired up?
> On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 9:05 AM, Karl Stubsjoen <> wrote:
>> This is more than likely very easy to do!  I'd like to get some
>> intellisense from my customer's XML document when I'm editing xslt.
>> Is this posssilbe, or impossible?  There is no schema for the XML, so
>> I guess step 1 is to create a schema from their XML source, I didn't
>> see where to do this.
>> Karl..

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