[oXygen-user] using custom parser in saxon 9 transformation scenario

Sorin Ristache
Mon Apr 21 10:34:42 CDT 2008


First you should make sure that your custom URI resolver is 
configured correctly in the Editor perspective before trying 
it in the Debugger perspective. The custom URI resolver and 
all the Java classes referenced from the custom URI resolver 
including the custom XML parser must be set as XSLT 
extensions for your transformation. You set an XSLT 
extension in the dialog opened by the Extensions button of 
the scenario edit dialog:


You have to set the full name of the Saxon 9 URI resolver 
class in the Saxon 9 Advanced settings available from menu 
Options -> Preferences -> XML -> XSLT/FO/XQuery -> XSLT -> 
Saxon -> Saxon 9 -> Advanced -- URI Resolver class name. If 
you type "uri" in the search field of the Preferences dialog 
you can locate this setting quickly.

Does the URI resolver work in a transformation applied with 
a transformation scenario in the Editor perspective?


Peter Rushforth wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to oxygen, but I have written a custom uri resolver which
> references a custom parser, for saxon 9.
> The parser reads a binary format file, and returns xml events to
> saxon.  It seems to work well
> interactively; now I would like to use it in the oxygen xslt debugging
> environment.
> I have configured a transformation scenario with the appropriate classes on the
> class path including both the resolver and the parser and classes upon
> which they depend.
> However when I invoke the transformation, I get "Content is not
> allowed in prolog", which looks
> to me like the parser isn't getting first crack at the binary data.
> Does anyone have a suggestion to help with this?
> Cheers,
> Peter

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