[oXygen-user] oXygen 9.2 Beta - ditamaps

Steven Anderson
Fri Apr 11 19:36:01 CDT 2008

Love, love, love the new functionality in oXygen 9.2 related to DITA.  On first pass, I noticed three issues:

1. I couldn't figure out how to specify which JDK to use for DITA transforms to PDF.  This matters, because RenderX is much faster with JDK 1.6 than 1.5, but I need 1.5 for other tools.

2. The DITA transform doesn't appear to be sensitive to the catalog I've defined in my oXygen preferences, thus it uses the oXygen defaults for everything.

3. In the dita maps manager view, topicgroups, and their descendants, are not displayed.

Is this the right forum to post these kinds of issues/questions?


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