[oXygen-user] Format and Indent Problem

Sorin Ristache
Fri Apr 11 07:01:01 CDT 2008


Do you mean debugging an XSLT transformation applied to an 
XML file formatted as in your example? I think an XSLT 
debugger is more useful for that and it does not depend on 
the text format of the XML file. For example when you click 
on a row in the Context view or in the XWatch view of the 
oXygen XSLT debugger the start tag of the corresponding XML 
element is highlighted in the XML editor panel. You need 
just to click in a view of the XSLT debugger to go directly 
to the corresponding XML element in the source editor.


mozer wrote:
> Let me give a simple example
> <root><a><b></b><c></c></a></root>
> into
> <root
>  ><a
>   ><b
>   ></b
>   ><c
>   ></c
>  ></a
>  ></root
>  >
> May it would make the will less readable than a full indent, but in some 
> case, it is just sufficient for debbugging and don't need further 
> parametrization

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