[oXygen-user] Format and Indent Problem

Sorin Ristache
Tue Apr 8 06:38:34 CDT 2008


I understand that your proposal is to normalize some text 
nodes (the text nodes with whitespace characters and non 
whitespace characters but not the text nodes with whitespace 
characters only) even if that leads to lines that exceed the 
maximum line length set in Preferences -> Editor -> Format. 
I consider breaking the lines that exceed the maximum length 
one of the main factors that make the pretty-printed 
document more readable. Without enforcing this maximum 
length the document will not be more readable after the 
pretty-print operation.

If I misunderstand your proposal please give a complete 
example of what you mean.


mozer wrote:
> May I propose (once again) a neutral form of indent for Oxygen
> <root id="2"
>  >  <element position="1">  space   are important   here </element
>  > <element position="2"> space   are also   important  here </element
>> </root>
> The only thing you can allow or not is to convert newline and tabs to
> space as an option

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