[oXygen-user] Docbench / oXygen 9 release/licensing

Sorin Ristache
Mon Nov 12 03:40:51 CST 2007

Hello Khaled,

oXygen version 9.0 is a new major version. Only the customers with a 
Maintenance Pack option and the ones who purchased an oXygen license 8 
within one month before the oXygen 9.0 release are entitled to receive 
an upgrade to oXygen 9. The other ones must purchase an upgrade license. 
These terms are available in the Sales FAQ on the oXygen website:


Our records show that you have an Academic license purchased in December 
2006 without the Maintenance Pack option.


Khaled Aly wrote:
> It is not clear for me yet, if the regular oXygen 8 license will grant 
> upgrade to version 9 regular. I see a trial counter declining. Can 
> oXygen people please advise about that, about the new build to be made 
> available as upgrades, and about the regular release of oXygen 9?

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