[oXygen-user] XSLT and id() function

Linus Kamb
Wed May 23 17:31:26 CDT 2007

as is often the case, asking a question in a public forum usually helps one answer their own question...

couple of things I was doing wrong and/or could do differently.

First, bug in my xslt.  I was asking for match="id(oid)" instead of the correct match="id($oid)"

that still requires having the id as an attribute defined in the dtd.  when properly defined, that 

alternative is to use xsl:key and key() function.

this was probably not the right forum to post this in the first place.

sorry for the bandwidth.


Linus Kamb wrote:
> trying to sort something out...
> XSLT (through XPath, I guess (http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath#function-id) 
> has an id() function that, if I understand the docs correctly, will 
> return the node (or nodeset, if the parameter is a nodeset of id 
> strings) from the document that has the given id value.
> Great!
> Now, one problem.  For that to work, apparently the id value needs to be 
> declared as an attribute of ID type in a DTD.  Bummer.  See note in 
> http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt#section-Embedding-Stylesheets.
> Ok, so I tried that, but Oxygen doesn't seem to find it.
> Does Oxygen (and/or XSLT in general, to your knowledge) support the id() 
> function in XSLT?  Can it work with an ID-typed element?
> My problem is that I am presented with an XML document that makes heavy 
> use of IDREF type elements and I'm trying to transform them in XSLT.  
> Perhaps there's a better way or I'm doing something wrong.  Will post to 
> xml dev list if this comes back negative.
> attached are my (hackish! just trying stuff out) xml, xsd, and xsl files 
> I've been using to test. Note that in the xsl
>         <xsl:variable name="onode" select="id(oid)"/>
>         ids:<xsl:value-of select="$onode"/>
> "onode" is null (well, empty nodeset.)
> Thanks,
> Linus
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