[oXygen-user] debugging a java extension?

Sorin Ristache
Mon May 21 05:07:28 CDT 2007


You should set the extensions in a transformation scenario in the Editor 
perspective and start the debugger with the Debug Scenario action. If 
you add the extensions in the Debugger perspective using the Edit 
extensions button then they are not saved.

I cannot reproduce the problem of refreshing the extension. Can you send 
us sample files for reproducing?


Kai Hackemesser wrote:
> That would be the behavior I would expect, but I tried several times and 
> controlled the log output. Even when I commented out my log statements 
> the log showed them again and again. I had to restart Eclipse to get the 
> extension class correctly reloaded. BTW, it is annoying that the 
> configuration of extensions get lost between Eclipse sessions, because I 
> always have to set them up again.
> Ciao!
> Kai

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