[oXygen-user] debugging a java extension?

Kai Hackemesser
Mon May 21 03:46:01 CDT 2007

That would be the behavior I would expect, but I tried several times and 
controlled the log output. Even when I commented out my log statements 
the log showed them again and again. I had to restart Eclipse to get the 
extension class correctly reloaded. BTW, it is annoying that the 
configuration of extensions get lost between Eclipse sessions, because I 
always have to set them up again.


Sorin Ristache schrieb:
> Hello Kai,
> The cache is refreshed automatically when the timestamp of the jar 
> file/class files used as extension is changed on disk. If you change 
> the source and then compile the new source oXygen uses the new version 
> of the extension by detecting that the timestamp of the cached version 
> is older than the timestamp of the disk version.
> Regards,
> Sorin
> Kai Hackemesser wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In meantime I found another problem while debugging: It looks like 
>> the extension class(es) is hold in cache and doesn't get updated when 
>> I change it's source. That makes it complicated to debug.
>> Ciao!
>> Kai
>> Kai Hackemesser schrieb:
>>> I tried that before I switched to the default logger constructor. 
>>> But I want to add that I'm using the eclipse plugin, not the 
>>> standalone oxygen editor.
>>> Regards,
>>> Kai
>>> Sorin Ristache schrieb:
>>>> Try to specify the full path for the log file name in the logger 
>>>> configuration. Also you can send the logging output to the standard 
>>>> output but you have to start oXygen with the startup script 
>>>> (oxygen.bat on Windows, oxygen.sh on Linux, oxygenMac.sh on Mac OS 
>>>> X) instead of the desktop/menu shortcut in order to see this output.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Sorin
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