[oXygen-user] debugging a java extension?

Kai Hackemesser
Thu May 17 14:26:50 CDT 2007

I tried that before I switched to the default logger constructor. But I 
want to add that I'm using the eclipse plugin, not the standalone oxygen 


Sorin Ristache schrieb:
> Try to specify the full path for the log file name in the logger 
> configuration. Also you can send the logging output to the standard 
> output but you have to start oXygen with the startup script 
> (oxygen.bat on Windows, oxygen.sh on Linux, oxygenMac.sh on Mac OS X) 
> instead of the desktop/menu shortcut in order to see this output.
> Regards,
> Sorin
> Kai Hackemesser wrote:
>> Sorin Ristache schrieb:
>>> Is that the org.apache.log4j.Logger class? Do you set a Log4J file 
>>> appender for FlightPlanHelper and a logging level which includes the 
>>> INFO level? The file path specified in the file appender is relative 
>>> to the oXygen start folder. Do you use a Java properties file for 
>>> setting them? Where is the file located? It should be located in the 
>>> oXygen install folder or in the lib subfolder of that folder.
>> No, I used the default JDK Logger.
>> This should normally put the file into my home directory, but nothing.
>> Ciao!
>> Kai
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