[oXygen-user] debugging a java extension?

Sorin Ristache
Thu May 17 06:33:35 CDT 2007

Try to specify the full path for the log file name in the logger 
configuration. Also you can send the logging output to the standard 
output but you have to start oXygen with the startup script (oxygen.bat 
on Windows, oxygen.sh on Linux, oxygenMac.sh on Mac OS X) instead of the 
desktop/menu shortcut in order to see this output.


Kai Hackemesser wrote:
> Sorin Ristache schrieb:
>> Is that the org.apache.log4j.Logger class? Do you set a Log4J file 
>> appender for FlightPlanHelper and a logging level which includes the 
>> INFO level? The file path specified in the file appender is relative 
>> to the oXygen start folder. Do you use a Java properties file for 
>> setting them? Where is the file located? It should be located in the 
>> oXygen install folder or in the lib subfolder of that folder.
> No, I used the default JDK Logger.
> This should normally put the file into my home directory, but nothing.
> Ciao!
> Kai

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