[oXygen-user] shortcuts for special characters

Dot Porter
Wed May 16 13:39:18 CDT 2007

Thanks to both James and George for helping me with this. I've gone
ahead and created code templates that pull up the characters
effectively. The space issue is annoying but a great improvement over
having to cut and paste or dig through the character map - and I
needed something to implement right away. If however an "insert
template" is added to oxygen at a later date, I will definitely use

Thanks again,

On 5/16/07, James Cummings <> wrote:
> George Cristian Bina wrote:
> > Hi James,
> >
> > I see...
> > I will log an enhancement request on our Jira to provide an action
> > called for instance "Insert template" that will trigger the insertion of
> > a template at the current position without looking for an already
> > entered prefix. You should be able to set a shortcut for that and invoke
> > it then type the template name to select it.
> That would seem to be a very good way to do it.  So you'd have the template but
> then have a shortcut key that called that.  Any possibility that you could just
> define those shortcut keys when creating the template? (Rather than have to
> define the template, then go associate a key with calling it.)
> > Another possibility is to have a view showing all the templates and have
> > some insert actions from that view at the current caret position.
> Less convenient than just being able to map it to a keystroke I'd say, but might
> be helpful to see them I suppose.
> Many thanks,
> -James
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