[oXygen-user] Format and Indent Problem

Jeff Sese
Wed Jul 18 01:21:39 CDT 2007


As I have read on previous posts, oXygen classifies mixed content based 
on the current contents of an element, is this correct? If so, is it 
possible for oXygen to classify elements based on the declarations made 
in the DTD or Schema it is associated to?

I know that the work around for this is to specify the pattern of 
elements that you want to preserve the whitespace in the preferences or 
to manually insert an xml:space="preserve" attributes for these 
elements, but if an XML is associated with a DTD or a Schema then you 
can tell whether whitespace in that element is ignorable or not. 
Currently what I've been doing is for every project I have to specify in 
the pattern listing all the mixed content elements that are defined in 
the DTD/Schema so that when I do a pretty print the whitespace is 
preserved and this method is very troublesome.

Is there anymore workaround for this other than the ones I mentioned 
above? Or can this be considered as an added feature for a future 
version of the product?


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