[oXygen-user] create XML document from xsd - choose target namespace?

Linus Kamb
Fri Aug 31 17:58:31 CDT 2007

My apologies.  There were so many elements in the drop-down box that I 
missed mine...

I like the idea of the combo-box for the namespaces, and then only show 
valid choices for that namespace.  In my situation, there are 4 possible 
choices in my namespace, but there are maybe 100 or more listed in the 
root element choice combo box.


Radu Coravu wrote:
> Dear Linus,
> The namespace we present in the textfield is for informative purpose 
> only (and right now it is taken from the first element presented in 
> the combo).
> But in the elements combo itself we put all globally defined elements 
> (which thus can be root elements) alphabetically ordered.
> For example I added to the schema fragment you provided an element 
> declaration:
> <xs:element name="el"/>
> and the added element appeared in the combo when I tried to create a 
> new XML file from it.
> Do you think it would be a good idea to have a combo of namespaces and 
> choosing a namespace to fill the elements combo with the elements only 
> for that namespace?
> Regards,
> Radu

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