[oXygen-user] Current Schematron support?

Sorin Ristache
Mon Apr 16 04:20:00 CDT 2007


Check out the sample schemas Tournament.xsd and Tournament.rng in the 
schematron folder of the sample.xpr project located in 
[oXygen-install-folder]/samples. They show how to embed Schematron 
constraints in an XML Schema or RELAX NG schema. The <?oxygen 
SCHSchema="..."?> processing instruction is necessary for checking the 
validated XML instance against the Schematron constraints and it will be 
inserted automatically in the instance by the "Associate Schema" action 
if you enable the "Embedded Schematron rules" option in the Associate 
Schema dialog.

Only Schematron 1.5 is supported in the current version, that is oXygen 
version 8.1. This is why you will see only the 
"http://www.ascc.net/xml/schematron" namespace in these schemas. We plan 
to support also ISO schematron starting with version 8.2 which will be 
released in less than a month.


Gary Gapinski wrote:
> Wendell Piez wrote:
>> Does anyone have tips on using Schematron on namespaced documents in
>> the current oXygen implementation (8.1)?
>> I can't get it to work -- I even have documents with mixed namespaces.
>> (I've tried binding namespaces both at the top of the Schematron and
>> on the element where the namespaced XPath appears.)
> http://xml.garygapinski.com/XCCDF/xccdf-1.1-ext.xsd was my first fling
> with Schematron, and operates on documents with multiple namespaces.
> While validations are resource-intensive, they do work.
> One does need a processing instruction in the document to be validated
> (<?oxygen SCHSchema="..."?>) to enable Schematron constraint processing.
> This is added if the "Embedded schematron rules" check box is checked in
> the schema association dialog.
> Regards,
> Gary

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