[oXygen-user] Current Schematron support?

Gary Gapinski
Sun Apr 15 08:28:06 CDT 2007

Wendell Piez wrote:
> Does anyone have tips on using Schematron on namespaced documents in
> the current oXygen implementation (8.1)?
> I can't get it to work -- I even have documents with mixed namespaces.
> (I've tried binding namespaces both at the top of the Schematron and
> on the element where the namespaced XPath appears.)

http://xml.garygapinski.com/XCCDF/xccdf-1.1-ext.xsd was my first fling
with Schematron, and operates on documents with multiple namespaces.
While validations are resource-intensive, they do work.

One does need a processing instruction in the document to be validated
(<?oxygen SCHSchema="..."?>) to enable Schematron constraint processing.
This is added if the "Embedded schematron rules" check box is checked in
the schema association dialog.



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