[oXygen-user] \\machinename\username SAMBA shares

Sorin Ristache
Wed Sep 6 10:00:45 CDT 2006


Until we fix the problem please apply the main method of 
configuring/running the transform: open Engineering_Optimization.xml for 
editing using the editor contributed by the oXygen plugin and use the 
toolbar buttons/XML menu actions called "Configure Transformation 
Scenario" and "Apply Transformation Scenario". They work correctly even 
in workspaces located on a Samba share.

Best regards,


Chris Chiasson wrote:
> Hi,
> oXygen for Eclipse declines to transform any of my XML files on my
> SAMBA share. It works fine when I copy the entire workspace to my hard
> disk and then try it. I just recently moved my workspace to my SAMBA
> share so I could build with ant on Linux. The error came up when I was
> trying a manual transformation to diagnose an XEP problem...
> I am using the right click->transformation->configure transformation 
> method.
> The error is:
> Configure Transformation Scenario
> Configure transformation skipped.
> Content type not handled for resource:
> Engineering_Optimization.xml

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