[oXygen-user] svn client

Timothy Reaves
Fri Jun 9 19:37:50 CDT 2006

On Jun 9, 2006, at 5:48 AM, Radu Pisoi wrote:

> Dear Timothy,
>>     Well I'm not exactly sure how that's relevant, but O.K.  On My  
>> Mac I use SSH Agent for key management, and on Linux I just use  
>> ssh-agent.  For client, I use: the command line, Eclipse, svnX,  
>> TextMate, Komodo, Visual SlickEdit, SmartCVN, and SubVersion.  All  
>> of these work fine this way.  After all, this is standard ssl/ssh  
>> model.  Nothing new here.  All of them - when ssh is used - use  
>> existing ssh-agent, as is normal. .
> Oxygen, just like SmartSVN, is a 100% Java based application so for  
> SVN over SSH we use the  Ganymed SSH-2 for Java library (http:// 
> www.ganymed.ethz.ch/ssh2/).
> This library does not have native native components that  
> communicate with ssh-agent so the only way to authenticate is to  
> enter the right authentication information in the Authentication  
> dialog.
>>     The problem is that the oXygen client demands I enter a  
>> username/password or key/passphrase.  Even when I enter the key  
>> and passphrase, it just doens't work.  It just keeps prompting me  
>> for a passphrase.
> You can either authenticate with a User/Password pair or by filling  
> in the User\Private key\Passphrase fields (all fields: Usename,  
> Private Key and Passphrase are required).
> I tested both authentication methods on Mac and Linux and they were  
> both successful.
> If you fail the authentication, then probably the data you entered  
> is not correct (maybe you forgot to specify the username or entered  
> the path to the public key instead of the path to the private one).
> Please tell us how this goes.

	The username was the issue.  It now works.  Thanks.

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