[oXygen-user] RelaxNG validation without DTD-compatibility

Chris Lilley
Thu Jun 8 08:52:23 CDT 2006

Hello oxygen-user,

I was looking through the oXygen preferences and could not see a way to
perform RelaxNG validation in non-DTD-compatible mode.

DTD-compatible mode is the default for Jing, but it cuts out a bunch of
useful things that RelaxNG can do. Specifically, the SVG Tiny 1.2 RNG
depends on these features for enabling xml:id support - if an element
has just an id attribute, that attribute is of type ID; if it has just
xml:id, that is of type ID;if it has both then xml:id is of type ID and
id is not.

On the command line, it would be Jing -i. How do I use Jing this way in
oXygen? If its not possible, could it be added?

I'm using the newly released oXygen 7.2.

I tried toggling 'Check ID/IDREF' in the prefs under RELAX NG but this
did not seem to change things.

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