[oXygen-user] Apparent shortage of editing accelerators or shortcut keys

Thu Jan 12 14:22:54 CST 2006


I'm evaluating the Java version of <oXygen/> 6.2.1 on Solaris 10 (SunOS
Release 5.10 Version Generic_118844-27 64-bit). The editor is being used
for TEI P5 and I'm pleased with the ease with which it formats and
transforms the code. The file I am currently working on has over 8000
`id's. Outlining shows no signs of sluggishness. Compared to Emacs,
everything just seems to work. There is little need for much
customisation or configuration.

One thing, though, that I am having trouble with is the apparent
shortage of editing accelerators or shortcut keys. I've searched the


but cannot find any editing accelerators except the standard Copy, Cut,
Paste, Redo, Select All, and Undo. What I need, in particular, are
accelerators to mark or select units of text in preparation for further
operations (copying, cutting &c.) e.g.:


At present, I'm using the mouse for all of these functions. Still, I
would find it more convenient, and definitely quicker, to be able to use
the keyboard. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

 Richard MAHONEY

Richard MAHONEY | internet: http://indica-et-buddhica.org
Littledene      | telephone/telefax (man.): ++64 3 312 1699
Bay Road        | cellular: ++64 27 482 9986
OXFORD, NZ      | e-mail: r.mahoney[use"@"]iconz.co.nz
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