[oXygen-user] [ANN] oXygen XML Editor 7.0 beta

George Cristian Bina
Fri Jan 6 09:32:23 CST 2006

Dear Bjoern,

Thanks for your feedback. Please see some comments below.

Björn Wolf wrote:
> Hi,
> the Beta is just another continuously improved Release of oXygen.
> I like all the new features but there are also a few things i really miss:
> * Sorting of tabs for similar file types (configurable):
> It would be cool to have oXygen sort newly opened files as of specific 
> (or standard) rules you can define. So if you are editing a bunch of 
> different file types (xml, xsl, javascript, css) the editor should sort 
> it automatically. An alternative scenario would be to group them instead 
> of sorting. Lets say oXygen shows XML and XSL files in the upper 
> vertically splitted view and files like CSS and JavaScript in the lower 
> view.

We have something like you describe in the debugging perspectives where 
the XSLT/XQuery files are automatically opened in a separate tab stack 
from the other files.
In general if you follow a couple of simple rules when you open a file 
you can achieve that. For instance if I open an XML file and a schema 
and then split the editors in two stacks then when I want to open a 
schema I make sure the focus is on the schema editor and then open the 
schema file - the schema will be opened in a tab in the schema stack. If 
I want to open an XML file I make sure I have the focus on the XML file 
and then open the new XML - thus it will be opened in the XML stack.

> * Collapsing views
> The dockable views are a killer-feature and so far not seen by any other 
> editor i used for this spectrum of technologies. But what could be 
> really helpful is a way to collapse those views. So in case of three 
> vertically splitted views you could expand on of theses to edit. Then 
> you will switch to another view just by pressing a button. Combined with 
> the above mentioned sorting of tabs people could structure there 
> workflow a lot more.

What you describe here seems exactly what happens if you stack those 
views together in a tab pane. In this way all you have to do is to click 
on the tab for the desired view and you will have that visible.

> * Customizing formatting of non-XML files
> Formatting a XML-native file is already implemented and due to the fact 
> of the nature of XML there is little difficulty about 
> (re)pretty-printing such a document.
> But for files like CSS and JavaScript there are a lot of different ways 
> to style.
> Is there a possibility to customize this behaviour? In my case i really 
> don't like oXygens way to strip blank lines between class declarations 
> or to strip the whitespace between a property and value (display:none) 
> on auto-completion simply because the syntax highlight does not 
> recognize this as expected.

It is true there are not many options for formatting non XML files, I 
will add this as an enhancement request on our bugzilla.
I am not able to reproduce the formatting issue that you reported 
though, the display : none remains like it is after format and indent.
We also fixed since the beta a few issues with the syntax coloring for CSS.

Best Regards,
George Cristian Bina
<oXygen/> XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Editor/Debugger

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