[oXygen-user] [ANN] oXygen XML Editor 7.0 beta

Björn Wolf
Thu Jan 5 09:18:10 CST 2006


the Beta is just another continuously improved Release of oXygen.
I like all the new features but there are also a few things i really miss:

* Sorting of tabs for similar file types (configurable):
It would be cool to have oXygen sort newly opened files as of specific 
(or standard) rules you can define. So if you are editing a bunch of 
different file types (xml, xsl, javascript, css) the editor should sort 
it automatically. An alternative scenario would be to group them instead 
of sorting. Lets say oXygen shows XML and XSL files in the upper 
vertically splitted view and files like CSS and JavaScript in the lower 

* Collapsing views
The dockable views are a killer-feature and so far not seen by any other 
editor i used for this spectrum of technologies. But what could be 
really helpful is a way to collapse those views. So in case of three 
vertically splitted views you could expand on of theses to edit. Then 
you will switch to another view just by pressing a button. Combined with 
the above mentioned sorting of tabs people could structure there 
workflow a lot more.

* Customizing formatting of non-XML files
Formatting a XML-native file is already implemented and due to the fact 
of the nature of XML there is little difficulty about 
(re)pretty-printing such a document.
But for files like CSS and JavaScript there are a lot of different ways 
to style.
Is there a possibility to customize this behaviour? In my case i really 
don't like oXygens way to strip blank lines between class declarations 
or to strip the whitespace between a property and value (display:none) 
on auto-completion simply because the syntax highlight does not 
recognize this as expected.

Keep up the good work

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